The Chancery wishes to thank our man in Australasia, Michael Doyle, for serving as Contributing Editor of this issue of the AWEN.

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The Noble Society and the Internet 

An Open Letter from the Chancery

During the long history of the Society we have enjoyed the benefits of belonging to a Society seeking to honor the Celtic Heritage by fellowship and the AWEN, our newsletter.

Over the last year we have witnessed a number of attacks on various persons and organizations, many filled with incredible vitriol, underscoring the old saying “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”

As a private society, open to all who express a sincere interest, the Chancery is forced to analyze the benefits of exposure to these maniacal few. While the Honorary Chairman and I feel that the internet is the best way of communicating with the membership, we question if wider and wider exposure is a real benefit. Many friends and members have counseled us to accept it as a cost of doing business in today’s world.

We are concerned by members who, in the past have taken pride in their association with the Society, only to then discontinue support. This, too, is not unique to the Society. This year a number of changes will be considered and implemented, including the following:

1. Insignia will be available only after the third year of continued membership. A blazer patch will continue to be included with membership.

2. Future issues of the AWEN may be available only to members as a direct mailing as before. Alternately, the AWEN may be posted on an unpublished website, to which members will be provided an address.

We hasten to add that to our knowledge, the Society itself has not been maligned, only in some cases painted with the same vile brush as used in an attack on a member.

The Chancery thanks and appreciates the members who have continued to support the Society and is honored by its recognition by scores of Celtic organizations throughout the world. We invite the comments of members on this letter by contacting the Chancery.

Roger Sherman NSC