Kevin Francis DOYLE
1923 1962
Born East Melbourne, Victoria,


This photograph was taken circa 1949 and shows Kevin as a young man in formal evening dress.

Kevin Doyle was born on 3rd May 1923 to Christopher Doyle, a Land Agent, and Clara Doyle (nee Pfeil) of Clifton Hill in the Australian State of Victoria.

Kevin was educated at the Saint Thomas' College in Melbourne, and played first class Australian Rules Football (a form of Gaelic football) for the leading Melbourne team of "Fitzroy".

At 17 years of age Kevin enlisted in the Australian Army during World War Two, against his parents wishes. (This was achieved with the assistance of a "sympathetic" recruiting officer.) He then transfered to the Royal Australian Air Force for service as an aviator.

After leaving the R.A.A.F. at the end of World War Two, Kevin continued his studies and graduated as an Certified Accountant. He later qualified as Licenced Real Estate Agent and as a Sworn Valuer.

In the late 1940's Kevin was engaged as the Company Secretary of Warburton Franki Ltd; a large Melbourne-based electrical business.

In 1951 he married Miss Lorelei Agnes OWENS of Melbourne.

In 1956 Kevin and Lorelie moved to Perth in Western Australia to establish a successful Real Estate and Property Development Company.

In the years Kevin was prominent in the commerce of Western Australia he also became well known as a benefactor of the Catholic Church, and also provided active professional support for many European Catholic migrants newly settled in Western Australia. He was also a very active in conservative politics, and worked hard to prevent the election of communist candidates to the Australian Parliament.

In 1962 Kevin's health was failing rapidly due to war-related causes, and he then moved his young family back to Melbourne where he died a few months later, aged 39.

He is survived by his wife Lorelei, three sons, a daughter, ten grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

He is laid to rest in a World War Two military grave in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.