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Traditional monuments are expensive, require upkeep and maintenance and are rarely visited except by members of the immediate family who live close to the cemetery.  And just how much information can you provide on a cemetery monument? 

We've come up with a unique solution that is a cost effective alternative which will last far longer, and can be viewed by many more people, an alternative which will keep the memory of you or an ancestor in the minds of descendents and friends for generations to come. 

Each memorial site is provided with a selection of MIDI music of your selection (Danny Boy is  popular). In addition to the benefits of Annual and Lifetime Sponsors your individual page becomes a permanent memorial, displayed for all future generations.  Your name will be added to the list of Memorial Sponsors with a link to your page. 

In addition the Badge of the Clan Doyle will be added to your page..  To participate E-Mail us.

Memorial Individual Sponsors
Participate for only $1500

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